photography by tor johnson

From her birth in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea’s Penelope was immersed in the vibrant colours and sounds of this culturally-rich country which had a significant impact on her art. Her portfolio of works catalogue a life inspired by the richly diverse offerings of the Pacific islands and show great insights into village life expressing a knowledge and respect for tradition, customs and spiritual adventure. These close associations with such a variety of people during her infancy, childhood and young adulthood inspired the Formative years of this artist and instilled her initial love of portraiture. Penelope’s studies of Papua New Guinea Highland warriors in ceremonial garb captured the intensity and diversity of a fiercely tribal race who struggle to reconcile primitive cultural traditions with the realities and pace of the modern world.

Penelope’s move to the Fiji Islands in her early twenties “softened” her style as she was greatly influenced by the tranquil and simple lifestyle as well as the very temperament of the islanders: her new surroundings permeate and idealize the day-to-day existence of the regal Fijian race. Further influences came to play during her five-year stay in Australia, where she concentrated on further refining her techniques and exhibiting her works to a wider audience.

Working with acrylics, pen and ink Penelope’s artwork has been widely exhibited with collections showcased in Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the UK, Mainland USA, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore and accepted a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Art & permanent Collection of the Museum of Pacific Arts, Lativa. The use of numerous textures, as well as bold colours, emphasizes the visual power of her art.

All art inquiries, including commission works, please email: penn@penelopecasey.com